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w-what kind of approach?? - 9" Pizza [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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w-what kind of approach?? [Jan. 8th, 2016|03:26 pm]
9" Pizza


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[1/8/16, 3:19:50 PM] shawn c: but surrounding implementation should be made first before getting stuck on small details. if you focus on small things like that, the big picture never gets made. you start large, get the basics working, even if it’s “sloppy"
[1/8/16, 3:20:10 PM] shawn c: then you pass back over, refine and fix
[1/8/16, 3:20:16 PM] shawn c: for example: that code wouldn’t have gone into production at work. PC is different because “production” for us is just the site
[1/8/16, 3:20:30 PM] shawn c: so yea
[1/8/16, 3:20:30 PM] Anthony La: However I do like the implementation admittedly
[1/8/16, 3:20:52 PM] Anthony La: I’m more criticising you for your approach because it’s different from mine
[1/8/16, 3:20:55 PM] Anthony La: Anthony La bonk
[1/8/16, 3:20:59 PM] shawn c: haha
[1/8/16, 3:21:08 PM] shawn c: well that’s the fun of working together
[1/8/16, 3:21:12 PM] shawn c: learning from how each other does shit
[1/8/16, 3:21:15 PM] shawn c: only makes us better
[1/8/16, 3:21:27 PM] bobandbill: top-down approach?
[1/8/16, 3:21:52 PM] Anthony La: Top-eats-bottom approach?
[1/8/16, 3:21:55 PM] shawn c: ...
[1/8/16, 3:22:16 PM] bobandbill: how 2 speak jake
[1/8/16, 3:22:21 PM] Anthony La: Um
[1/8/16, 3:22:35 PM] Anthony La: I think it’s worse than that
[1/8/16, 3:22:46 PM] Anthony La: I think I made an innuendo
[1/8/16, 3:23:07 PM] Anthony La: I’m sure it hit his mind more than others
[1/8/16, 3:23:17 PM] Anthony La: Let us never speak of it again
[1/8/16, 3:23:24 PM] shawn c: yeah i’m choosing to block it out